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     My projects can be summarized in two words: curiosity and pleasure. Researching new methods and new music, testing them, allowing information to lead to an idea, to an experience. Each word, each color, each sound, each phrase can be a door to new worlds, rich in other phrases, sounds, colors, words, ideas and information. In an endless stream of sensations, both intellectual and emotional.

       In my life as a teacher, this involves constantly listening to each pupil in order to tap his/her aptitudes and abilities. In my life as a pianist, this means approaching every work as if it were new, virgin territory. With curiosity. With innocence.

       I believe that the performer-composer relationship is reciprocal: we need each other, we both give and we both receive. As a performer, I feel gratitude and responsibility towards the composers. This leads me to feel committed to include little-known pieces in my programs.


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