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French pianist resident in Costa Rica.

       She started studying piano at the age of five with Melle Chastang. At the age of 10, she played with the Bordeaux Symphony Orchestra (her teacher was then M. Vérane). After winning the Excellency Award from the Rochefort Conservatory, she studied with Mme d’Ambelle (Alfred Cortot’s pupil). Then she went to Paris, where she studied piano with Maître Pierre Sancan and chamber music with Maître Alfred Loewenguth.

       Since her arrival in Costa Rica in 1984, she has performed numerous recitals as a soloist and has played chamber music with renowned national and foreign musicians. She has performed on several occasions as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica. She became the orchestra’s pianist in 1986.

       She has given recitals in Europe, Central America and the United States of America, in which she has included Costa Rican pieces.

       She likes to combine different kinds of music in her performances, inviting other musicians to join her in her solo piano recitals. She also likes to play arrangements of popular music as part of a classical program. She wants to promote Latin-American music, both by recognized composers as well as by younger talents. In 1996, she recorded the first compact disc entirely dedicated to piano music by Costa Rican composers.

       She recently began recording the "Piano Latinoamericano" series. The first volume of this set has been released in December 2006 on the Von Kelemen Music Group label.

- Excellency Award from the International Conservatory in Paris
- Nerini Grand Prix Award
- Second Place in the Ravel Special Constest organized by the UFAM
- Second Place in the UFAM Grand Prix Contest
- Excellency Award from the Rochefort Conservatory
- Maestría en Música con énfasis en piano de la Universidad de Costa Rica


" ...finesse of her touch... showing a remarkable virtuosity and a great instrumental mastery." (Sud-Ouest)

"... The softness of the touch was able to wake up a sensitive charm." (Neue Kronen Zeitung)

"... Deep Fauré, magnificent Liszt... the pianist evoked natural phenomenas, lyrical accents, dreams." (Steyrer Zeitung)

"... She played with an energetic, vibrant style, full of emotion." (Guide)

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