PUBLISHED IN LA NACIÓN – VIVA (Costa Rica) – March 8th, 2006

Scarlett Brebion with a Latin keyboard

This year the pianist has her hands full. She began with a European tour, and soon she will release her second CD.

Without a doubt, 2006 is a year of conquests for Scarlett Brebion, the French pianist based in our country.
In addition to working on the production of her second CD, the performer had the opportunity to take her repertoire to Europe, where she gave five successful concerts in France and Austria at the beginning of the year.
In her presentations, Brebion, who was out of the country for more than a month, performed works by Latin-American composers, including the Costa Rican Julio Fonseca, the Cuban Alejandro García Catarla, and the Argentine Julián Aguirre.

The selection of pieces for these concerts grew out of projects she undertook while pursuing a Master of Music degree with a concentration in piano at the University of Costa Rica. As a result of this work, her second recording production was born, and she expects to finish it during the first half of the year.
In this CD, produced by Producciones Ludik, Scarlett will include compositions by different authors and in different styles, with the goal of not confining herself to a single era.
“I decided to define Latin music as that which is written not just by Latin-Americans, but also by foreign composers who wrote for this region. I don’t like labels; for me there is lots of valuable music everywhere”, commented the pianist, who has lived in Costa Rica since 1984.