REVIEW PUBLISHED IN SUD-OUEST (France) - January 18th, 2006

(…) A European tour that brought her to Paris via Austria allowed her to escape for a few days to visit her family. She had a short vacation in Rochefort, from which she took some time to visit the conservatory of music, where she very generously spent a few hours with the piano students of Marie-Annick Blin, Marie-Paule Denuit-Ascione and Bénédicte Oudin. She then gave a concert of Latin-American music in the small auditorium, in the first half of which she included some young virtuoso apprentices.
In an eclectic program, the artist set out to demonstrate the different influences that marked the musical compositions of Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil, discussing them with simplicity and erudition. The masterly vivacity of her interpretation was impressive, and conveyed all the violent exuberance of those sunny countries, as well as expressing a great nostalgia in the popular works. (…)