REVIEW PUBLISHED IN LA NACIÓN (Costa Rica) - September 16th, 1996


Scarlett Brebion-Kelemen presents "Confluencia", a CD with music for piano by national composers

She came by chance to Costa Rica and has spent twelve years with us. As a way to thanking the country where she lives, and seeking to enlighten the appreciation of national music, Scarlett Brebion-Kelemen produced a CD with music for piano by Costa Rican composers.
Confluencia is the name of the album, in which Scarlett Brebion, a French pianist, shares this selection of themes. It must be emphasized that this production was not made by any commercial record company; the first edition (1,000 copies) was released thanks to the contribution of Brebion’s good friends.
The CD was recorded at the Casa de la Música (House of Music) on the Yamaha piano of the National Symphony Orchestra Youth Program (...)
The tour to launch the CD will officially start on Saturday, September 21st at 8:00 pm, at the Sunset House in Monteverde. It will end at the National Theater on November 26th.


She arrived to Costa Rica in 1984. She has participated in numerous chamber and solo recitals. In 1986 she joined the National Symphony Orchestra.
During the last years, she offered concerts in Central America and Europe, which included Costa Rican music.
"After living in Costa Rica for so many years, I felt it was time to give something in return, so I made this CD," Scarlett Brebion added. She plays eight composers: Carlos Amador’s "Cuatro Meditaciones", Julio Fonseca’s "Vals Leda", William Porras’ "Sonata para un Atardecer", Otto Castro’s "Preludio N° 1". The CD also features two pieces by Pilar Aguilar, "Meditación" and "Infinitamente". The remaining repertoire includes Luis Diego Herra’s "K 509", Alejandro Monestel’s "Preludio en mi menor", "Soñando" and "Hoja de Album", and Benjamin Gutierrez’s "Preludio y Danza de la Pena Negra".