REVIEW PUBLISHED IN LA NACIÓN (Costa Rica) – July 6th, 2000

A concert fantasy

(...) A good number of listeners attended the absolute premiere of the Concert for piano and orchestra by the Costa Rican Luis Diego Herra (b.1953), featuring Scarlett Brebion as a soloist.
It is the first incursion of Herra in the gender. The work is divided into the three usual movements, but I kept under the impression that its inner formal structure is rather free and resembles an extensive concert fantasy.
The external movements contrast moved rhythmic patterns, while the central stays more rested. They all are prodigal in pleasant melodic motifs. Brebion offered a flowing and secure execution of the concert; Hoffman and the OSN accompanied her with clarity, although in certain moments they drowned out the pianist, maybe because at times the orchestral writing requires less density allowing the piano to stand out. I also felt the absence of some cadenza that allowed the soloist to shine. The composer was present and, together with the performer, the conductor and the orchestra, was much applauded by the audience. (...)