On tour in Europe, French pianist Scarlett Brebion, pianist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica, gave a recital of Latin American piano music in the Palace of Meetings on Friday, January 20, 2006.
A top notch pianist, she has obtained several awards (…).
Resident in Costa Rica since 1984, she organizes chamber music recitals with renowned musicians. She has given numerous recitals in Central America, the United States of America and Europe. She wants to promote Latin American music (by young composers as well as established ones), and has recorded two CDs of Costa Rican and Latin-American music, including works by European and Latin American composers. This is her way of thanking this country for its warm reception.
During the evening, the public couldn’t help but notice her great virtuosity and her absolute mastery of the piano, with an energetic, vibrant style, full of emotion. (…)